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More and more people are using Reddit to share news, discuss and rate information. Therefore, Reddit become a good social network for Reddit users to make money online. In this article, we will share methods to make money on Reddit.


Reddit is a social network that appeared in 2005. For almost 20 years, Reddit has become one of the 10 most popular social networks worldwide.

Users who use Reddit are called Redditors.

Groups that Redditors share information about specific topics through posts, images, videos, links, etc. are called Subreddits. When content is posted in SubredditsRedditors can comment to discuss the topic that the post mentioned.

Reddit has an upvote and downvote feature which Redditors vote on. The post with the most upvotes will be at the top of the Subreddit. On the other hand, the post with a lot of downvotes will be downgraded on that Subreddit. Similarly, comments that get a lot of downvotes will be hidden or deleted.

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Millions of people are using Reddit to share and rate information. It is a crowded community where you can do business online as well as earn money.


To make money on Reddit, you need to improve your Reddit profile first.

Reddit has a virtual point system called Reddit Karma to indicate the level that a user has contributed to the Reddit community. Reddit Karma consists of Upvote for the post (Post Karma) and Comment Karma. The Reddit profile which has high Reddit Karma can easily post content as well as share link in many Subreddits. 

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To get high Reddit Karma, you should

  • Share a lot of useful information on Reddit, so you can get upvotes as well as views for your post. The more Reddit users see you as a valuable resource, the more views and upvotes you can get in the future.
  • Comment on new posts. Witty comments will bring the karma to your Reddit account. Gossip and miscellaneous are also enjoyed. This method rarely gives you a large amount of karma but it will increase your karma over time.
  • You will get lots of downvotes if you violate Reddit’s terms of use. Therefore, remember to obey Reddit’s regulations.
  • You should avoid spam too much in a Subreddit because other Redditors can report your account. Then, the admin of that Subreddit will ban your account.
  • Post a link to a photo or video. Like other social networking platforms, users love visual multimedia content. You should use creative or informative titles with images/videos to get upvotes.

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These mentioned work will take lots of time to complete. In addition, you need to be creative and update the latest news as well as trend. In this case, you can use an automation tool to save time and cost.

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After building a reliable personal brand on Reddit, there are various ways for you to earn money.


You can promote your products or services on Reddit. Thanks to the personal brand that you had built with high Karma and creative content, you can attract much traffic. Therefore, more people will know about your business. This is a free marketing method for your business. More Redditors will consider our products or services as one of the choices when they make an order. Moreover, you can have an opportunity to collaborate with other Redditors on other projects on Reddit.

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In case you can attract a large number of views on Reddit and become an Influencer, the Advertisers will find you to cooperate. To be more specific, the Advertisers will pay you a certain amount, then you need to post content with advertisements for their product in the concerned Subreddits. When you have a strong influence on Reddit, Advertisers will pay you lots of money for advertising their products or services in related Subreddits.

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There are Subreddits where you can exchange your gift cards. Here is a good way for you to make money using a gift card instead of just wasting it. You sell or trade your gift cards in Subreddit like GiftCardExchange.

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With Affiliate Marketing, you put links of Advertisers’ products or links to your website in your post in Subreddits. Thus, other users on Reddit will click on that affiliate links in case they are interested. Then, you can receive commissions when visitors purchase products, complete a survey, etc. Remember to create creative content to attract traffic.

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Note: Remember to read the policy and terms of content that Subreddit allows you to post carefully to avoid being banned.


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